Passive Structural Safety

Tesseract Structural Innovations is developing new solutions for passive structural vehicle safety. Its flagship product, the patented & patents-pending Uniform Deceleration Unit or UDU, is a unique structure that has the ability to absorb an enormous amount of energy during a vehicle crash. A Small Overlap (SOL) UDU is designed to fit into the fender hollow space of virtually any light vehicle including cars, trucks, minivans, SUVs, or crossovers. Through its ability to absorb significant kinetic energy, the UDU reduces crash forces to reduce impact shocks and prevent intrusion of vehicle components into the passenger space during the crash. UDU is a major advance in vehicle safety that can save lives and prevent serious injuries.

Though the concept of the UDU came from attempts to address the challenges of SOL crashes, there are a wide range of applications including front and rear bumper beams, crash boxes for bumper to frame attachment, short wheel well crash pads and extended fender space crash pads, firewall panel crash pads, door beams and side sill beams and pillar beams. Other applications pending to be announced soon.

For more information on SOL crashes and our SOL UDU Solution go to our SOL UDU information page.