Tesseract Recognized for Innovation in Competition Alongside Industry Powerhouses

November 19, 2020 — The Society of Automotive Analysts (SAA) recently announced its annual Mobility Innovation Award winners, and Tesseract Structural Innovations, Inc. received Honorable Mention in the Lightweighting Category for its Uniform Deceleration Unit.

The 2020 field of winners in the competition were heavy-hitters like BASF. As an early-stage technology start-up, Tesseract’s recognition in this internationally respected competition is a notable achievement.

Tesseract’s Uniform Deceleration Unit (UDU) is based on a composite structure that fits into the wheel well or other parts of a vehicle. The structure consists of a high-strength, low-density cast aluminum foam surrounded by a novel high-strength aluminum skin structure. It was designed to limit the transfer of crash forces while maximizing energy-absorbing deformation, resulting in a reduction of serious injury or death. Tesseract’s UDU turned heads in the competition as an out-of-the-box innovation in vehicle structures and crash safety.

The annual competition was sponsored by DuckerFrontier, a research and consulting firm that watches global industry trends. According to Abey Abraham, managing director of DuckerFrontier, the awards recognize exceptional innovations being developed around the globe. “Mobility is evolving quickly and this year’s entries show that we are ready to evolve with it,” said Abraham.

For more information about the 2020 Mobility Innovation Award winners, find the announcement at saaauto.com/about-us/news-releases. And to learn more about the new solutions for vehicle safety being developed by Tesseract Structural Innovations, Inc., visit tesseractinnovations.com.

About Tesseract Structural Innovations, Inc.
Tesseract Structural Innovations, Inc. is developing new solutions for vehicle safety. Its flagship product, the Uniform Deceleration Unit or UDU, is a unique structure that has the ability to absorb an enormous amount of energy during a vehicle crash. The patented UDU is designed to fit into the wheel well of virtually any light vehicle including cars, trucks, minivans, SUVs, or crossovers. Through its ability to absorb significant kinetic energy, the UDU reduces crash forces to reduce impact shocks and prevent intrusion of vehicle components into the passenger space during the crash. UDU is a major advance in vehicle safety that can save lives and prevent serious injuries. Tesseract Structural Innovations, Inc. is a VIC Technology Venture Development™ portfolio company. For more information, please visit www.tesseractinnovations.com.

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