Tesseract Structural Innovations First US and WO Patents

February 11, 2020

The patent establishes Tesseract’s automotive crash energy absorption platform to save lives.

The company has received a Notice of Granting and Publication of its first patent “Uniform Deceleration Unit” February 11, 2020 by the US Patent Office Patent number 10,556,559:

An apparatus and method for improving the safety and performance of an automobile in crash events is disclosed. The apparatus includes a front crash pad, rear crash pad, and a connection beam. Both crash pads and the connection beam are coupled to an automobile in such fashion as to absorb and dissipate energy by converting kinetic energy into strain energy.

Automobile accidents are an unfortunate reality in the world today. Every year, tens of thousands of accidents occur in the United States alone. These accidents can cause, at a minimum, a financial strain on the automobile’s owner and insurance companies, and, in worst case scenarios, can result in the fatality of the driver and/or other occupants in the vehicle. In recent decades, the automotive industry has seen great advances in safety with innovations such as frontal air bags, side curtain airbags, electronic crash avoidance systems, and structural crumple zones to name a few. Still, with the safety innovations we have today, there is a demand to further improve the safety of automobiles.

The patent is supported by World Organization patents in major automobile manufacturing countries and regions such as Japan and Europe.  Multiple additional patents are still pending that extend the safety platform further.