VIC Technology Venture Development Forms New Portfolio Company, Tesseract Structural Innovations, Inc.

Uniform Deceleration Unit (UDU) design presents a major advance in vehicle safety.

FAYETTEVILLE, AR – June 4, 2015 – VIC Technology Venture Development, LLC has announced that it has formed Tesseract Structural Innovations, Inc.  The company was established to develop and commercialize new solutions for vehicle safety, based on a patents-pending technology that can absorb crash energy and save lives.

Automobile accidents are an unfortunate reality in the world today. Every year, millions of people are injured and tens of thousands die from automotive crashes in the U.S. The deadliest form of crash is the small overlap crash (SOL), where impact takes place off-center in front of the wheel well. About one-quarter of all deaths each year are from this type of crash.

Automakers have resorted to two main strategies for improving their vehicles performance in SOL crashes: (1) adding structure to the front corners of the vehicle between the front bumper and the panel at the aft side of the wheel well, and (2) designing structural members, such as the wheel and lower control arm, to fracture at a given load while flexing at loads of lesser energy. Such known strategies, however, substantially increase cost and weight and yet still frequently fail to sufficiently improve vehicle safety.

Tesseract’s initial product, the Uniform Deceleration Unit or UDU, is a unique structure that has the ability to absorb an enormous amount of energy during a vehicle crash, and is designed to particularly address SOL crashes. The patents-pending UDU is designed to fit into the wheel well of virtually any light vehicle including cars, trucks, minivans, SUVs, or crossovers, both new and existing. Through its ability to absorb significant kinetic energy, the UDU reduces crash forces to reduce impact shocks and prevent intrusion of vehicle components into the passenger space during the crash. UDU is a major advance in vehicle safety that can save lives and prevent serious injuries.

“Small overlap collisions can be some of the most damaging, both to people and to property,” said Calvin Goforth, CEO of VIC. “Tesseract’s patents-pending technology has a strong opportunity to provide a major advance in vehicle safety.  We are excited about the formation of the company, and look forward to further development and testing of the UDU in the near future.”

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